What is CS-SecureCloudCPA™?

CS-SecureCloudCPA™ is a Secure Electronic Communications Platform designed for you and for your Professional CPA Business Practice. The CS-SecureCloudCPA™ platform will help you to expand your existing CPA client base and increase your existing revenue streams by transforming your “bricks and mortar” business model into a “Cloud-Based” platform business model.

The CS-SecureCloudCPA™ platform will allow you to launch a broad spectrum of new “Virtual CPA Services” and provide; privacy, security, convenience, and improved customer service levels, to your existing client base, and CS-SecureCloudCPA™ will position your CPA business to attract new clients from any industry segment and any geographic location across the globe!

The CS-SecureCloudCPA™ platform provides your CPA business with the ability to easily collaborate with all of your clients as you securely exchange, any type of private financial documents, tax documents, view web media (such as forms or audio and video files). You and your clients can collaborate and securely work together no matter where you are (or where they are). With the CS-SecureCloudCPA™ platform you can communicate and interact with all of your clients individually (or work jointly together with 3rd party partners) in a flexible manner that meets or exceeds all applicable electronic communications regulatory compliance standards (including IRS 230 and IRB 145 standards).

CS-SecureCloudCPA™ is a “turn-key” system that has been thoughtfully designed to work together with all of your already existing CPA business systems infrastructure, such as your business applications systems (e.g. existing tax software, book keeping systems, etc.), and our CS-SecureClientPortals™ are easily integrated into your already existing web site (so you will not need to re-invest in any of your existing CPA business systems infrastructure), and; CS-SecureCloudCPA™ is a Software as a Service “SaaS” system - so it requires NO new hardware or software to be installed at your location(s).

All of this CS “Cloud-Based” systems design, plus a low monthly service fee, ensures that the CS-SecureCloudCPA™ platform is a very cost effective investment (even for small- and medium-size CPA practices) and that CS-SecureCloudCPA™ can provide outstanding ROI to your CPA business model! So watch the videos provided here to learn more, and then contact us now to take the next step, and let the CS-SecureCloudCPA™ platform “Launch your CPA business into the Cloud”.