CS-SecureCloudCPA™ Package and Pricing

The CS-SecureCloudCPA™ Annual-Renewable Subscription Package Includes:

Collaboration Network® (Branded to your CPA Business)

  • Up to 300 active CS Collaboration Cabinets® (with 3GB redundant data storage)
  • Up to 300 archived Cabinets (minimum 10 years per cabinet archive storage included)
  • Network User Accounts: (up to 5 Network Admin Accounts)
    • Unlimited Manager and Member/Guests Accounts
    • Used for your Professional Staff, employees, consultants and partners ...)
  • CS Client Contacts CRM™ (Customer Relationship Management sub-system)
    • Unlimited Guest Accounts for Marketing Contacts and Cabinet Sharing ...)
  • CS Smart Folders®
    • Secure Cabinet/Folder/File Shares (Unlimited)
    • Folder Watch and Alerts (Unlimited)

CS-Secure Client Portal™ (Branded and Attached to your existing CPA business web site)

  • Up to 10 Professional / Staff / Client unique DB Group Relationships
    • (larger professional office departmental group structures available by agreement)
  • Client Accounts Unlimited ( Secure / Compliant Login and Authentication)
    • Clients see only their own Cabinets
  • Real-time Client Information / Services Marketing feature included with content controlled by

    New clients can purchase our service by completing the following form. (Existing clients should contact their sales representative.)

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